How to Add Yoga + Ayurveda to Your Morning Routine.

How to Add Yoga + Ayurveda to Your Morning Routine.

How to Add Yoga + Ayurveda to Your Morning Routine.

Welcome to the next chapter of your wellness journey!

If you are here it likely means that you are exploring more ways to connect to, understand and heal yourself. I believe embracing yoga and Ayurveda doesn’t have to be daunting. In fact, these few simple steps can seamlessly weave into your daily routine, setting the stage for a healthier and more balanced you! 

Maybe you’ve been struggling for a long time to find answers and a path to freedom from suffering, like myself. It’s true, I haven’t always been a health coach.  in fact I used to suffer daily with depression and an eating disorder that led to chronic inflammation, pain and insecurities in my life. I still use Ayurveda to deal with my symptoms because I have found the path to health is a daily task of maintenance. 

So I hope this article provides for you a simple and sustainable way to introduce yoga, Ayurveda and other mindfulness practices into your life. 

Wake up with the Sun

Ayurveda sees the world in terms of energetic qualities, these help explain the constitution and tendencies of our bodies and environment and show a clear path for how to start the day. The morning from 2a-6a & in the evening from 2p-6p is thought of as Vata time of day. Vata is the dosha (archetype) of wind and space. Vatas qualities lead to a light, cold, dry and subtle energy that promotes creativity, movement and inspiration especially important at the start of your day! 

Here is a special  tip: Begin your day with a series of Sun Salutations. Move through the sequence mindfully connecting to your breath and a deeper intention for the practice. If you have a hard time waking up make the movements organic, bold and playful. And if you struggled to get a full night’s sleep or are working though more vata symptoms (see this article) than slow down, and ground with an emphasis on alignment and strength.

*please keep in mind this is an intuitive practice and any recommendations should be taken with the help and guidance of a trusted health care professional.

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Mindful Morning Meditation

Take a few minutes for mindfulness, this could include listening to a guided meditation, journaling or exploring your own practice. In any case, focus on your breath, bringing awareness to the present moment and practicing ahimsa the act of non harm or non judgment.. This practice sets a positive tone for the day, strengthens that ‘mindfulness muscle” and enhances mental clarity. 

Explore Basic Yoga Poses

Start with beginner-friendly yoga poses and adapt by using props like the wall, blocks, a strap or chair. Yoga postures improve flexibility, strength, balance and mind body awareness but it really does take that mindfulness piece I mentioned above.

For an easy fun start, try this beginner friendly chair flow from our youtube channel! 

*Please be kind to yourself and practice satya or truthfulness. This means being realistic with your expectations and goals for the practice. See some ideas below about how to a sacred space in your heart and your home.  

Create a Sacred  Space

Designate a calm space for your morning routine, daily decompression or just to relax and enjoy your self betterment practices. Whether it’s a corner with cushions for meditation or a yoga mat by a window, having a dedicated space enhances the sense of ritual and implementation. This space should be visually appealing to all of your senses so include bright colors, incents, oils, candles, cozy blankets and a spot for tea.  You can make this 100% your own but if you are looking for inspiration or ideas head over to pinterest, I’ve linked some of my favorites here! 

Herbal Teas 

Speaking of teas, let’s talk about a super simple way to add Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom to your day! By adding tea to your day you can incorporate different herbs, minerals and medicinal plants when done with intention and an understanding of Ayurvedic principals this can have a profound effect on the mind and the body. What we feed ourselves truely becomes our medicine our our greatest downfall so start today by exploring the tea isle at your local grocery store. If you are looking for more guidance you can join our wellness collective here or schedule a call with my here.

As you embark on this journey of self-discovery and well-being, remember that the key is not just consistency, yoga and Ayurveda are ancient practices with a celebration for the divine. Your intention and your ability to become authentic to your true self will make all the difference in your results. I have seen so much transformation in my own life and the life of my clients that I guarantee there is something here for you to uncover, something deeper. 

And the best part? These holistic practices when used with intention and proper application are said to have no side effects, only side benefits. I know you’re probably ready to stop relying on prescriptions and start healing naturally so click here to schedule your first consultation with me!

My last bit of advice? Try to enjoy even brief moments of the process, and let the positive effects unfold gradually. By integrating yoga and Ayurveda into your mornings, you’re not just adding routines; you’re cultivating a lifestyle. I would love to help support what nurtures you as you heal mind, body, and spirit.

May you be well.


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