Balancing Your Energy-a guide to ayuryoga (yoga+Ayurveda)

Balancing Your Energy-a guide to ayuryoga (yoga+Ayurveda)

Welcome to my wellness blog. If you are new here, yay!  I am so honored to share my love of all things yoga, energy, wellness and Ayurveda. My name is Myckie and yoga for me was the answer to a question I didn’t yet have the words to formulate. And, as you know if you are on or have been on a healing journey; learning and expanding are a huge part of the practice. 

When we sit in an intense chair pose we expand our ability to steady our breath under pressure and work with the nervous system to remain supple and strong. Conversely during a deep dive into yoga nidra the vritis or fluctuations of the mind melt away leaving a blank canvas to create from. That I why I love combining the science of Ayurveda with the embodiment of yoga. It can be so profoundly magical!

Join me for a quick introduction into the philosophy and world of Ayurveda and Yoga. Here you will learn tools for balancing your energy. Tools that awaken and fuel your intuitive gifts to create drive and purpose in your life… 

So, let’s explore some basic concepts that can seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, bringing confidence and clarity to your mind and body. 

Start Your Day Mindfully:

In Ayurveda, the way we do one thing is the way we do all things and most importantly the way you kickstart your day sets the tone for the hours ahead. No matter what time your day begins, start with a moment of presence and gratitude. Add movement  with a few gentle stretches to awaken your body. This simple ritual can create a positive energy flow that lasts throughout the day. Mindfulness is how we practice ahimsa or non judgment towards others or ourselves.  

Breathe, Just Breathe:

Yoga is less about the shape your body is in on your mat and more about the subtle anatomy or metaphysics. These are the energies that lead to embodiment as I mentioned before. And the best way to tap into the energy body (Prana maya kosha)  is through pranayama or breath control. If  you are new to the practice it is as simple as mindfully taking breaks throughout the day for a few conscious breaths. Inhale positivity, exhale stress. It’s a quick reset button for your mood and energy..

Eat with Intention:

Ayurveda teaches us that food is not just fuel; it’s medicine for the body, mind,  and soul. This is done through specific diets and supplementation and also through conscious eating habits like tuning in to your body’s needs and choosing nourishing, whole foods. For strong digestion, less bloating and more satisfying BMS try adding spices like turmeric, cummin, paprika, curry or ginger.

“Lazy” Yoga for the Win:

This is not a call to become sluggish and less motivated but it is permission to spend less time exercising and more time just living your life. Yes ,5 minutes of simple stretching is far better than none at all. So when you feel a midday slump, sneak in some desk yoga and call it a win. A simple routine might include: neck rotations, seated twists and a wrist massage. Sometimes we truly have to carve out these mini vacations for ourselves throughout the day but they are well worth it. 

Detox Before Bed:

Sleep is so key to our wellbeing and more often than not your environment is affecting your sleep. Create a sacred space before bedtime by disconnecting from screens at least an hour before sleep. Instead, indulge in a short meditation, gentle yoga stretch or partner massage. This practice encourages restful sleep and creates a decompression time before bed to mentally prepare for sleep which is essential for maintaining your center.

In my experience balancing your energy doesn’t mean you’ll always have up days, but I does make space for our authentic selves to shine through. Thankfully, using yoga and ayurveda you can make major shifts in your health and happiness. In fact I have supported some amazing women who have overcome some pretty big challenges. 

It is my hope for you  that you find time for simple acts of self love that fuel and support you every single day! 

aum shanti namaste,


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